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The Beat Awfuls ~ People's Champ Anthology 2005-2011


The ultimate archive of Dave Cave's BEAT AWFULS compiled here for the first time! Genius tunes, awesome dude. Check it out via Bandcamp: Tracklist: 1. No One Cares When You're Gone 2. Shooting Up Mud 3. Dancing In The Sheets 4. On Top Of The World 5. Wanna Get Real Stoned 6. Fox In The Forest 7. All My Friends 8. Be OK 9. Tired And Lonely 10. D.I.Y. Die 11. You're My Germs 12. First Thing In The Morning Song 13. Big Bombs Bursting 14. Johnny Switchblade's Shoes 15. My Own Little Ways 16. In Our Lives 17. When The Lights Go Down 18. A Brief History Of Drugs 19. I Need You 20. Wild Wild Ways 21. Interview With Foreign Radio-Part 1 22. Drift Away 23. Forever In The Sand 24. Wasting My Time At The Nightclub 25. We Are Free 26. Althea And Donna 27. Down In The Trenches 28. Punk Rock College Town 29. Now I Say Goodbye 30. Interview With Foreign Radio-Part 2 31. Ghost In A Hotel Room 32. Mary Go Round 33. Apples Are Poison 34. Go Away Stay 35. I Don't Want No Love From You 36. End Of The Tape

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