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Lillian DeVane~Trophies for Trying

by Lillian DeVane


pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS' comedy debut!
We are super excited to share New York (by way of Boston) Comedian Lillian DeVane's debut album "Trophies for Trying"!

"From the mind that brought you the text: “Actually I think I’m gonna just lay low tonight,” comes “Trophies for Trying”, the comedy album that begs you to give it a cookie for simply existing!

Lillian DeVane’s debut comedy album, “Trophies for Trying” weaves a dramatic tapestry of sketch pieces and live performances into a result that will leave you confused and appalled.

“Trophies for Trying” explores trite lady blogs, presidential career lows, the surprisingly intricate world of mall chicken, searing half-assed political commentary, and wet dogs. Will you take Lillian's hand and let her guide you through her nervous world of fear and nonsense art? Actually, don’t hold her hand, that’s gross--you don’t even know her! Just listen, and let that needle fall and hit all the grooves man, or log on to the internet and punch in a "download code."

It’s garage rock comedy* at its most vulnerable, a bunch of words that were written down and then forever preserved until the universe collapses into itself! It’s art…really can’t stress that enough because if you don’t like it, you just don’t get it! Buy "Trophies for Trying" now, and surf the rising tide of nihilism gnawing and slavering at the foundations of our disgusting world." ~LDV

1. "Tight Five"
2. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
3. An Email From Zooey Deschanel's Blog
4. Secular Paste
5. Taft Fails
6. Chicken Now!
7. DogBrella