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CreaturoS ~ Swampp Thingg

by CreaturoS


Debut cassette!
2nd pressing! Edition of 100 tapes.

Listen via BANDCAMP:

A1. James Day's Milk Shake
A2. Charlie Brown
A3. Last Summer's #1 Hit Single
A4. Three Times
A5. Weak End
B1. I Don't Want To Go To The Beach
B2. Leave Your Face Behind
B3. UFO Yeah!
B4. Something Happened

"CREATUROS' SWAMPP THINGG is a psychotic blend of garage rock burners and psychedelic explorations recorded in 4 different spots over the past year. Mixed at home by guitarist Spenser Gralla, SWAMPP THINGG captures the raw energy of the band’s live shows and then turns it inside-out through various mind-melting experimentations and manipulations."-ps

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